A profiteering US health insurance company is grabbing our NHS GP surgeries.


Under cover of Covid 19 …

• A UK subsidiary of the giant US Centene Corporation has bought
up 49 London GP practices that look after 375,000 patients. This is
now the largest GP practice network in the UK.

• Two of the GP practices are in Hammersmith and Fulham Borough
Cassidy Medical Centre in Fulham and Canberra Old Oak
Surgery in White City.

• The H&F CCG allowed the sell-off to be rushed through for
‘commercial reasons’.

None of the conditions under which the sales have gone through
have yet been published.

Residents and patients at the surgeries were not consulted on
the change of ownership.

12 London councils, including H&F, have signed a joint letter
raising concerns about these take-overs.

• In Parliament many MPs have put their names to a motion to
show their alarm at the sell-off of our NHS surgeries – including
Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith.

Samantha Jones, the former boss of Operose – the UK arm of
Centene – has just been appointed by Boris Johnson as a health
adviser at 10 Downing St.


WATCH THIS SHORT YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp-9jqKCa6U


Centene is a for-profit company. Profit, not public health, is its prime
concern. In the US it is being investigated for allegedly inflating costs
and overcharging govt departments.

HAFSON says: It’s time to kick the private companies out of our NHS
and to reinstate it as a fully publicly owned health service!

Jim Grealy and Merril Hammer