The box describes them as “White Tint Polythene Bags” rebranded to “White Aprons”.

The personal protective equipment was delivered to multiple GP practices in Scotland.

Frontline healthcare workers have reportedly been provided with “repurposed bin bags” to be used as protective gowns.

Images of repurposed bin bags delivered to GP practices as personal protective equipment (PPE) have started to emerge on social media from several sources.

Two frontline NHS workers from Scotland posted the images earlier today, raising major concerns over the quality of the items, and questioning how they met strict infection prevention and control (IPC) standards to protect workers and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The box in which the PPE was delivered to the practices describes the contents as “White Tint Polythene Bags” with a label rebranding them to “White Aprons” attached.

Visible are jagged marks where the polythene bags have been cut with scissors to fashion the DIY PPE.

Official data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggests that well over 600 health and social care workers have died of Coronavirus since March 2020.

Nurses United UK, who campaigned for PPE back in March, have branded the PPE “disgusting” and lambasted the government for putting NHS workers at risk.

Anthony Johnson, lead organiser for the group responded; “Once again our frontline workers can’t get the bare minimum of proper equipment to keep themselves safe – this is disgusting.

“In a global pandemic! With over 100,000 vacancies throughout our NHS? We all know how vital NHS workers are for our health.

“This Government should be ashamed of themselves and if they won’t resolve this, when they can spend billions on their donors, they should resign.”

NursingNotes has approached Scotland’s Department of Health and Social Care and the GPs involved for comment.

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