Tamara’s FAQ for Vaccine Hesitance – Feb 2021

Arguments and Answers

Copyright@ Tamara Dragadze DPhil.

1. The vaccinations have been approved too quickly. Medicines
usually take years and these have been done in months.Why?

1A The technologies and the processes used to make this vaccine
have been studied and practiced for over 10 years, so this vaccine
was not ‘made in a year’, it has actually used ways developed for
over 10 years!
1B The reason most clinical tests and approvals take so long is that
usually tests are done on small numbers of population and so take
longer, whereas these vaccines were tested all over the world on
great numbers of different people.
1C Applications for approvals by health regulators of new
medicines are usually done at the end of a study—therefore it
takes the regulators a long time to look at all the data together. For
these vaccines, regulators were given the data as it came in,
throughout the testing. All the data was already known well
before the application was made, so approvals could be given fast.

2. Nobody knows their effect in ten years’ time, do they?

2A Vaccinations establish themselves in your body early and are
unlikely to mutate inside your body ten years later
2B Unlike medicines that you take over ten years which could then
have an overall effect, vaccines are unable to be like that because
of their very nature of being specially only to attack the virus.
2C it is the same principal as the annual flu jab that is altered every
year; the results are well known and therefore we do not have to
wait many years before knowing its effect.

3. How can I be sure I am being given a vaccine and not something

3A Covid vaccines are being given out on behalf of the national
government and therefore are supervised by independent medical
bodies to make sure that the government cannot be accused,
precisely like you fear.

3B It is in everyone’s interest to protect the NHS and keep people
strong and healthy. There is no agenda to do anything other than
protect people from Corona virus.

4. With all these new variants, why bother to have it now?

4A All vaccines you can have now give good protection to the main
variants in the UK and provide a basis for further vaccine additions later
on, just like yearly flu jabs.
4B The vaccines you will have now will protect you and your
families from serious consequences– even if you catch COVID you will be
safe from hospital and death.

5. What is the risk of having the second dose postponed beyond the
recommended 3 weeks? Should I not wait till I can be sure of having
the second vaccine in 3 weeks instead of up to 10 weeks or more?

5A The first dose gives enough strength to give you up to 90% protection. There
have been many tests on the Astra Zenica one in Israel and this is what they found.
The role of the second dose is to strengthen the protection the first dose has
already given and to prolong its effect. This is the case regardless of which vaccine
you have needing two doses.
5B There is an independent group in the UK called JCVI (Joint Committee
on Vaccine and Immunisation) that is monitoring the data and they are
providing the data that Pfizer have not yet provided.

6, What if the vaccine is dangerous for people of my ethnicity, people
who look like me? Who was it tested on? Only white people? Only black

6A Scientists have shared their information and now vaccines
have been tested in all the continents in the world among
many nationalities and populations and ethnicities.
6B A significant part of the clinical tests took place in Brazil
where there are very large black populations as well as others.


7A They are based on the virus taken from human beings and
modified in laboratories. No animal element is present in the
vaccine or used in the manufacturing of the vaccine
7 B Every mosque in the UK has confirmed that it is not Haram

8. Will this vaccine stop my fertility? Will it risk my having my
baby too early? Why are pregnant women told not to have it?

8A So far it has not been shown that the vaccine can affect fertility
8B There have been two media reports about women having gone
into labour early after having the vaccine. The link has been
studied carefully and in both cases it is a coincidence. Other cases
of this have not been written about.
8C The reason why pregnant women are told not to have it for now
is because the vaccine tests did not include pregnant women.
However, pregnant women at serious risk or with a special medical
condition are advised to take the vaccine.
8C When women who had the vaccine then found out later
that they were pregnant there have been no bad effects so far.
8D When pregnant women are front line workers or have
serious medical difficulties, they are asked to have the vaccine
because the risk of them catching and dying of Covid is much
worse than the risk of having the vaccine.

9. Why should someone of faith have a vaccine when they are
protected by God’s grace?

9A If you fall and cut your knee, you will clean the wound and
cover it to prevent infection and discomfort, even knowing that
God is helping you. In the same way, you will have the vaccine
to prevent your being infected and infecting your loved ones.
9B Someone of faith will also know that God has also blessed
the scientists who have worked day and night to find a vaccine
that will help all human beings.`

10. What is missing from here, friends?
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