FRIDAY 25th FEBRUARY. CHARING CROSS HOSPITAL, Fulham Palace Rd. 1-2pm. Leafleting as part of the national SOS NHS campaign – see


  • PAY STAFF PROPERLY: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives
  • APPROVE EMERGENCY FUNDING of £20 BILLION to save lives this winter
  • INVEST IN A FULLY PUBLICLY OWNED NHS and guarantee free healthcare for future generations


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Throughout the pandemic NHS staff, as usual, have worked tirelessly:

  • Many to the point of complete burn-out
  • Many hundreds of doctors, nurses, admin staff, midwifes, cleaners, care workers, radiographers … have died from covid and many more have had covid-related conditions
  • Now, NHS staff face the longest waiting lists in NHS history. This means even more endless exhausting work
  • The NHS is short of staff at all levels: a shortage of 40,000 nurses. And a shortage of GPs, specialist doctors, radiographers …
  • And for all their work, the Government is offering only a 3% pay rise … well below inflation!

To support our NHS and its staff, we demand, from the Government:

  • A proper workforce plan – and that means now!
  • An immediate recruitment, retention and training programme so that staff can work safely and patient needs can be met in a timely way
  • A proper payrise NOW


Join us at Lyric Square, Hammersmith on Saturday 26th Feb. 11.30-1.00.