It is truly depressing to learn that the Home Office and its private contractor Serco are willing to gamble with people’s lives by moving people who have been told to self-isolate across the country.

A group of asylum seekers in Birmingham were moved to various parts of the country including to Hammersmith and Fulham. This was despite the wishes of Birmingham and other Midland Councils. Birmingham and H&F have a proud record of welcoming refugees but the sudden movement of people involved in a covid outbreak endangers both their lives and the lives of others.

H&F Council leader, Steve Cowan, condemned the move: ‘It is shocking that the Home Office is knowingly and incompetently moving people around the country in a way that risks allowing the virus to spread at a time when people who have Covid or are at risk of having Covid are being urged to stay at home and self-isolate.’

Once again, it is Serco which, with the Home Office, is responsible for this ‘reckless action’. It is worth reading the full article here: